Sucking and licking.

-What flavour? – Asked the boy as my eyes went crazy looking around the colourful fridge, forming a line of impatient kids behind me.

-Cream – I said, Not wanting the richness of chocolate or tiramisu in my throat nor the boring vanilla but yearning the subtle taste of sweetness beyond fruitiness.

As the ice-cream man loaded my cone, my brows arched admiring how skilful he was, defying gravity, biting my lip, hypnotised on the edge as everything seemed to move in slow motion.

Peering into the winding waves the biscuit made on the cone, I thought about taking a picture to cause envy amongst my friends, discarding it as the first drop dripped down my finger. I quickly licked it up, smiling as I saw my milky fingers, transporting myself from the pavement to my room.

chupando y lamiendo 2

I sat on a bench to enjoy it, shaping it with my tongue. I licked it from to below going up on its side, getting hints from the toasted cone until I reached the cream, getting moulded with every lick. Again and again, I twisted it till I had a perfect cone, swallowing the previews waves as I crossed my legs.

I opened my mouth and suctioned on the tip, making it rounder, licking on the ring which had just formed, imagining a harder one, a purpler one. Taking a rest from chasing time, thanks to having it under control, contained and also by knowing that it wouldn’t melt, I began to play with my food. I poked my tongue out and spun it around my lips, licking the softness of the cream imagining a thicker one.

chupando y lamiendo 3

I slurped and swallowed it whole, drying it up, abandoning my day dream as I bit on the hard reality which was that cone, smiling as I crunched the caramel biscuit. Making my way home, able to concentrate on walking, surprised by the moistness of my bikini.

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  1. I’m waiting for more and more sharply

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    1. Valeria dice:

      Jajajajajaja, glad you like it 😍😘

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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